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Earthrise is Al Jazeera's award-winning environmental show exploring the most significant threats to our planet by highlighting eco-friendly solutions from around the world. Earthrise brings you the stories of those who strive to improve our quality of life and reduce our negative impact on the earth.

Eco-cremation: Cremation is the traditional method of disposing of the deceased in India. However, with 8.5 million Hindus dying each year, funeral pyres exact a huge environmental toll: felling over 50 million trees, polluting rivers and emitting eight million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the air, and adding to India's already critical air pollution problem. Mokshda, an NGO in Delhi, has found a solution to make cremation more environmentally friendly while still allowing rituals. 

Surviving drought: In drought-stricken Kenya, life for all residents and particularly the herding community, has been nothing less than devastating. Erratic weather patterns and the increasing effects of climate change have led to a lack of vegetation and water resources jeopardising the survival of livestock and the pastoralist way of life. However, as the onslaught of unpredictable weather continues, some Maasai herders have turned to a hi-tech solution to help them adapt to the current environment. The brainchild of an NGO aiming to help herders with drought, an app that helps locate greener pastures has been introduced to the herding communities suffering the worst effects.

Eco-cremation in India and Green Power on Samso Island
yulia martynova

Eco-cremation in India and Green Power on Samso Island

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