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Gone to Pot 

Betty TV for ITV

The team of explorers is comprised of Birds of a Feather actress and Loose Women panelist Linda Robson, ex-EastEnders actress Pam St Clement, actor Christopher Biggins, retired footballer and TV presenter John Fashanu and darts supremo Bobby George.

Each member of the group has a personal medical reason to look into cannabis. Acting, playing football, and throwing darts are physical activities that can leave veterans with strong pain in their articulations and muscles. As more and more patients are turning to cannabis to alleviate their pain caused by various illnesses, these five curious British decided to explore how Americans have regulated cannabis, meeting some truly extraordinary characters, and maybe even try some cannabis along the way.

Despite their enthusiasm to cross the Atlantic to learn more about cannabis, the members of the group have nonetheless divergent opinions on the drug, and this show aims to highlight these views as well.

Gone to Pot American Road Trip Series Ep 3
yulia martynova

Gone to Pot American Road Trip Series Ep 3

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